“If music be the food of love, play on”

~ William Shakespeare

Born in Frankonia, on the river Main. Regional Asparragus was the veg of my childhood. My mother – five children – would cook every day. For the family, but I remember always guests at the table; school-mates, friends, colleagues. “Not enough food for all” –  was an unthinkable concept, but – “how can we make it stretch for everybody”. Food and eating culture were means to hospitality. Mama was my first chef heroine. She would mix a salad sauce, then stop, look at me and say – “once you have finished and there might be a little touch missing – just do something crazy!” And splashed a spoonful of jam into the marinade. Father would take over on the weekend, his three course Sunday meals were an absolute must.

Music journalism in radio became my main profession when returning after many years in England to Berlin, now united. I was fortunate dedicating my radio shows to soul, reggae and Global Pop from Africa and Latin America. The key event which lead to my 2nd passion, accompanying the food scenery was working for one week as Radio Eins reporter in the kitchen of chef Marco Müller. Now three star Michelin studded, he allowed me into his kitchen, where work was in full swing. To me its protagonists and settings made it all look like a Shakespearean play, with all the drama confined to a small space between pots & pans. To this day I cant stop marvelling the accuracy, the passion, the masochism of these crazy madwomen and madmen in the kitchen.

Podcasting on food gave me the opportunity to create my own way to reflect on the people involved, the trends, the hotspots – and more & more the importance of the role of food culture to keep this planet alive and healthy. Much of the future of this planet will be decided on the table, literally. But as for the abovementioned English bard, there is always a fun side to drama, with the joyful quote of Duke Orsino in Twelfth Night. So, to follow music & food and the love of it – and where the two occasionally cross their paths – are good enough reasons to get out of bed in the morning, have a coffee from Brazilian beans and listen to Caetano Veloso singing.